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We work with only premium quality feed manufactures.  They have been chosen due to their outstanding reputation to their industry both in the facilities that they own and run and in the community and partnerships they make.

When Old Dominion Hay started looking at nutritional feed requirements, we soon learned that the stead fast common household name products were no longer the industry leaders.  It did'nt take long to get our customers to learn the benefits of a feed they may not have come to rely on but the proof was in the feeding and the top notch nutritional support that was available and the overall condition of the Equine partner was remarkable.

Kalmbach Feeds

Kalmbach Feeds is located in Sandusky Ohio and has been in business since 1963.  They produce Equine feed in one of only three salmonella free facilities in the United States.

Their equine product Tribute is a fixed formula product with balanced ingredients and a product selection that fits every equine need.

The consistency of the product keeps your horse’s digestion routine stable; they will not experience high and low sugar effects.  Most of the product is corn free, and offers Glucosamine and Omega 3s and Omega 6's for overall equine health, supporting excellent body conditioning.

Kalmbach offers other Feeds and Feed ingredients.

Kalmbach Equine Feed,Tribute provides a varied line of equine nutritional product that is easily digested resulting in overall health and upper level body scoring. Please visit their website for details Tribute Horse Feed


Cavalor is a Belgium based feed company with a feed mill in Georgia they have an extensive background in equine nutrition and sourcing premium puffed grains that provide 99% digestibility.  Their product offering is unique in delivering puffed grains and Herbs that help with pulmonary issues in horses.  The Cavalor product line was initially designed for endurance horses and can be fed to horses of all disciplines.  Cavalor is backed by some of the World’s top riders and their equine partners.

Cavalor also offers supplements, grooming aids, and treats

Please visit their website for up to date information Cavalor USA